How can you quickly enlarge your penis at home and how to use it?

The man surprised his girlfriend with a big penis

The obstacle for many men is the dimension of their dignity.

Some also have a number of complexes about this and develop self-doubt.

However, there is a way out of every situation, and if the problem of penis size has arisen, then it is worth working hard to solve it.

Sure, you can work on yourself and accept yourself for who you are, but not everyone succeeds and not everyone will be happy with this option.

Thus, you can choose a more complex option - an increase of the member to the desired size. But how to quickly enlarge a penis at home? Let's find out in today's article.

It is true?

Penis size you want to enlarge

Before starting any business, the question arises about the realism of the result you intend to achieve. Penis enlargement promptly is no exception.

Of course, everything is very individual and a single answer to any questions related to health and changes in the body can never be given.

But if one person has been successful, then there is a very high probability that the other will be successful.

Thosefactors on which the reality of the result depends:

  • the method chosen for penis enlargement;
  • a competent approach to business and, above all, the least emotional possible;
  • timely implementation of the necessary measures and recommendations in relation to the chosen method;
  • well, without a strong desire to go anywhere in this matter.

In such a delicate matter,importantFirst of alldon't hurt yourselfand choose a rational approach to business.

Methods of expansion

There are many ways, all differ in degree of efficiency, speed of achieving results and costs.

Among the already tried and known methods that are used to change the size of the penis, the following can be recognized as the most appropriate:

  • penis enlargement pills;
  • gels, ointments;
  • you can enlarge the member with glitz;
  • extender.

To understand how to best increase a penis, you must first understandwhat each one represents. Let's consider in more detail.

Gels and ointments

Find out how easy it is to enlarge a penis without mechanical intervention. At first glance, gels and ointments are the simplest and most harmless way to adjust the size of dignity, but this is not the case.

Since the action is happeningat the cellular levelusing various types of components and substances, thereforethere is a great dangermake the wrong choice.

And to end up in the hospital, already engaged in the treatment and restoration of at least what is available, instead of adjusting the size.

Therefore, choosing an ointment or gel, you shouldNotethe following points:

  1. Compound. The main point that needs to be studied both from the point of view of susceptibility individually for each, and on the properties of those components that are included in it. The substances must bemaximum natural origin, or with a known effect, no doubt, if it is a synthesized chemical.

    Good gels contain substances such as Maca, Elastin, Goryanka, Cardo, amino acids and proteins.

    In general, anything that can somehow complement the cellular structures of the body, or cause cell division, supplementing them with nutrients in order to avoid the lack of resources for the growth of tissue structures.

  2. Product quality, or its authenticity and compliance with what is written on the package. It is quite difficult to verify this while sitting at home and making a purchase over the Internet, but it is possible. Choose a reputable site and order a tool. And it is better to find a real store where there are similar products in the assortment.

    Request certification on them, also examine their authenticity, checking all the necessary seals, registration numbers and contact details of the organization that issued this certificate.

    For reliability, you can contact this organization and clarify the authenticity of the document.

Not important in any waydo not buy the product from hands or on dubious sitesand do not follow the low cost, you can run into a fake and get terrible consequences.

How to quickly enlarge a penis at home with gels and ointments? You can get the desired resultafter one month of use, the method of which is indicated in the instructions for each drug individually.


To correct the size of the penis, there is a device called a pump. We will learn how to quickly enlarge the penis with the help of such a drug.

From the name, you can guess the principle of his work. Existstwo varietiessuch a device:

  • vacuum pump;
  • water pump.

As is clear from the name, the first works due to air pressure, the other - water.

Pump, available in any sex shopnot suitableto enlarge his penis, but only to create or make an erection stronger for a while. We are talking about specialized pumps, the price of which is appropriate.

Male penis enlargement pump

Pumps work becausecreate a special level of pressureaffecting the penis.

Such an effect causes an increase in blood flow and all processes in the organ, which contributes to growth. No contraindications have been identified for the use of these devices.

Used pumpenoughsimply. It is worn on the penis, lubricated with a special tool, which is usually offered with it in the kit. The pressure is adjusted and this device is worn for the time necessary for the procedure, after which it is removed.

Consider the followingnuances during the procedure:

  • strictly observe the time of a session;
  • respect the recommended degree of pressure;
  • if there is a feeling that being with a pump is possible and for a longer time than necessary, then it should be divided into several approaches, but for a shorter period of time;
  • do not use the pump without a special tool.

When using a pump, you need to know that due to the principle of its operation,the penis will get biggerthan increase in length. Penis thickening and enlargement does not happen quickly. With regular use, the width increases by 2-3 cm, and the length - up to 5 cm in six months.

So how can you quickly increase a member? Pay attention to the next section.

Extender, with which you can increase the penis in 3 months


Using an extender can promise resultsin three monthsafter the start of normal quality procedures.

They must be carried out strictly according to the recommendations for use.

The most important nuance to rely on when using such a deviceno pain during the procedure. The only thing that is not harmful to the penis is slight discomfort and an unusual state of sensation in the penis.

In no case should you carry out manipulations to increase the penis at the expense of your health. Discontinue the procedure if acute pain occurs and avoid it.

It is preferable to wear the devicemany times a day, subdividing into small sessions by duration. The break can last from 15 minutes to several hours.

If possible, it is best to do itat different times of the daytwo hours. It is very important not to exceed the permissible norms for the duration of wearing the device.

Penis enlargement exercises

There are many types of penis enlargement exercises, ranging from the technique of stretching the corpora cavernosa of the phallus tissues and ending with jelqing. Even trivial masturbation, like any other physical activity, will certainly give results.

The duration of the result depends on the general condition of the body., the choice of a specific exercise technique and the regularity of the performance. It can range from a few weeks to several months.

It is important in this matter not to overdo the load and not to strive for an early increase in the intensity of execution. It is worth noting that the result will have to be maintained.

A man looks at his penis, wanting to increase its size

Penis enlargement during intercourse

Penis enlargement occurs, in principle, regardless of the presence of an object of arousal, however, there are ways to do itartificially.

In such wayscan be attributed:

  • pumps sold in sex shops;
  • special drugs in the form of tablets and sprays;
  • special rings.

Resume penis enlargementit is worth rememberingthat not only the size determines the sensations during intercourse. The size of the penis replaces neither the strength of desire, nor arousal, nor the ability to give pleasure, much less feelings.

Before quickly enlarging the penis, it is still advisable to think about the expediency of such an event, and most importantly, not to be disappointed after obtaining the desired dignity size.

If you are determined to increase the penis, you can choose the tool that is most suitable for yourself.